No4MkI(T) Sniper Rifle


Less Telescope Rifle


The above two photos show my first "T" purchase. This rifle started out as a sporterized rifle bought at a going out of business sale of a hardware store in Bellinghan WA. None of the metal had been mucked with, and the original sniper pads and buttstock were still present. The rifle is a 1944 dated M47C code rifle. I purchased a repro cheekpiece from another collector, and eventually found a complete walnut forewood set up in Canada to complete the restoration. The most interesting part of this rifle is that it had never been fitted with a telescopic sight. No scope numbers existed on the rifle anywhere. This is highly unusual due to the time of manufacture during the height of fighting in WWII.


No4MkI(T) Complete with Transit Case

This rifle was found after two years of searching for such a set. The condition of the rifle is 98%! Unfortunately the scope was not quite as nice as the rifle, and is currently off to England for refurb. This rifle had been returned to stores in December of 1961. The numbering on the transit case, scope can, No32Mk3 scope, scope bracket and rifle all match one another. truly one of those once in a lifetime finds. But then, preserverence does pay off.  


Above left: Shows the rifle nestled in its transit case. Visible on the inside lid of the case is the list of equipment.

Above right: Inventory tag on the end of the transit case. Note serial number and nomenclature.


Above left: Close up showing the butt socket markings and the rear mounting pad.

Above right: Close up showing the right side of the action and the relationship of the two mounting pads.

Above left: Overall view of the metal scope storage can. Note numbering to both rifle and scope.

Above right: Close up of packing slip on scope can. Note numbers, packing date and name of packer.

Above left: Overall view of No32Mk3 scope and bracket. Notice that the dessicant bags are broad arrow marked and dated 1961!

Above right: Close up of markings on scope showing nomenclature, manufacturer (AK&S), serial of scope and date . One can just make out part of the red W denoting that the scope is waterproof.

Above left: View showing the stamping of the No32Mk3 scope's serial number on the wrist of the rifle's butt stock.

Above right: Most No4(T) rifles were actually issued with the US pattern and manufactured leather sling, and most of these have WWI dates on them. The sling that came with this rifle was also unissued and marked and dated to 1918.